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Aaron Meehan


Passed first time!!! Ronny was so helpful. Great teacher. Always managed to fit me in around my tight schedule. Loads of helpful hints and great insights into the test. Always a bit of craic in the end too! Wouldn't have passed without him :)

Suraj Kohli


I can say without a doubt that Ronny is one of the best driving instructors in Ireland. He is very professional and focussed during the driving lesson. He explains everything in detail and even repeats it multiple times if required. I passed my test in the first go! I did the 6 reduced EDT lessons and a couple of pre-test lessons from him! I can't recommend him enough!

Natalia Cagnone


Great teacher!!! Friendly and very knowledgeable!! Would recomiendo 10/10!! Thanks Ronny!!

min min


My husband and I both enjoyed meeting Ronny. He is kind and good quality. We appreciate his help.

Rimom Aguiar


I can't recommend Ronny enough, he is an amazing teacher, very patient, kind, really dedicated to make you pass at the first attempt, I managed to pass even having one last lesson hours before the exam. Thank you very much Ronny

Alessandro Rollo


I had a driving test 3 days ago, and I did reach out to Ronny to do a couple of pre-test lessons, specially when I failed the test twice before. Ronny was very helpful and his tips for me helped me a lot to pass my test with only three marks. I can't thank you enough Ronny for your help and your support. Really thank you,

Thiago Capecci Alves


Ronny was simply amazing. I’ve had lessons with 2 others guys, but none of them could explain like him and show my mistakes to fix it. I recommend for sure.

Lauren Davis


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Alyson Curtis


100% recommend!!! Ronny is an incredible instructor - he has a brilliant way of teaching and really knows his stuff to prepare you for the test. He genuinely wants his students to pass and is so encouraging. Thank you so much for everything!



Wouldn't have passed my test without Ronny's help, would highly recommend. Gary James

Isabella Madureira


If you want to pass you test don’t hesitate to contact Ronnie! He is straightforward on what you need to do - no sugar coating it! Wouldn’t have done it without his help! Thanks so much!

Mathias Sant'Anna


Ronny it the BEST instructor and teacher that I ever met. He is exceptionally good in explaining, giving tips and knowledge to best prepare you for the test. Thanks to him I passed on the first attempt!! 😊 EDT and pretest lessons are 1000% worth it!

Natasha G


Passed my test first time thanks to Ronny. He was so patient with me, gave lots of encouragement throughout the lessons and gave me the confidence I needed to pass. Thanks again Ronny 😊

David H


I did my EDT lessons years ago with another instructor and never felt comfortable driving. I heard good things about Ronny and ended up doing three lessons with him before my test. Ronny is a fantastic driving instructor who is able to explain things in a very easy to understand way. It was very obvious throughout the 3 lessons I did with Ronny that he knew exactly what he was talking about and knew what was needed to pass the test. On top of all this Ronny is one of the nicest people I have ever met and put me at ease from the first lesson. Ronny was a very honest but encouraging instructor and I would highly recommend him. Without him I wouldn’t have passed first time!

Aisling Neary


I did my 12 EDT lessons with Ronny and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Ronny has excellent teaching methods and knows exactly what is required of you to pass your test. He built my confidence in my driving and his pretest advice meant I was able to pass my test first time. Ronny is also so easy to get on with and makes the lessons enjoyable. Thanks again Ronny for all your help!

Andrea Olivo


Thank you Ronnie for guiding me through this journey. I enjoyed my lessons with you, had some good laughs, learned a lot and helped me prepare for my test. I recommend Ronnie to whom ever wants to learn fast, he really knows how to prepare you for THE TEST. GRACIAS!



Ronny was a great instructor for me, he ironed all the basics for me in no time and within a few lessons my confidence grew a lot. He was always on time and kept good communication with me despite his busy schedule. Don't hesitate to do your lessons with Ronny 👍

Luiz Carlos


Ronny is a great instructor. Passed my test in the first attempt. Recommended!

Patric Acosta


Cant thank Ronny enough for the lessons. He helped me throughout the lessons, taught me the rules of the road in a very professional manner which was easy to understand and made me comfortable/ confident while driving. Passed the first attempt and i would strongly recommend Ronny without a doubt. thanks for everything again!

Snehal Jadhav


Ronny is an amazing, easy going and to the point instructor. Getting lessons from him helped me pass the driving test in the first go. 100% recommend art of driving school.

Steph Comiskey


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Mark Riordan


Great instructor in which Ronny helped me pass my exam on my first time sitting it. Ronny goes at your own pace and is thorough when telling you what to do and what you need to know. He is very easy to get on with and makes the experience enjoyable. He was super helpful and great to do the lessons with.

Fábio Martins


I can thank Ronny enough for all tips during the classes. He really focuses on the learner needs and has a really nice approach to teach. Friendly and professional, as well as a nice car too. I strongly recommend him to anyone.

priya jacob


Thankyou Ronny for your guidance. I passed the exam in my first attempt itself. I would like to mention here that Ronny is a very professional and friendly instructor. During the driving lessons Ronny explains each and everything in a very clear manner which was very easy to understand. He makes you comfortable and relaxed which is one of the essential factor needed when learning to drive. I would strongly recommend Ronny's driving school to all. He is the best instructor I have ever met.Once again thank you Ronny for all your support.

Ariq Suryo Wicaksono


My friend failed several times before she meet Art of Driving School then she recommend me to This school, and I can say Ronny is really a great Instructor, he explained with such a good way and easy to understand, he will not give you a room for error and everything he say is true (for the driving test tips), I just passed my driving test today in one try and It is because of him. He also offer you a mock test so you will know your mistake before the test and correct it together. I really recommend him (Note : you need to contact him sooner because he is high demand)

Adam Byrne


Ronny is the best of the best I would highly recommend coming to Ronny if you are looking for lessons he was very calm and patient and takes his job very seriously and will help you pass your test and will always make you feel comfortable when driving I recently passed my test and if it wasn’t for Ronny I don’t think I would have passed 10/10

Alfred Oropo


Ronny is an amazing driving instructor, I completed my 12 EDT lessons with him, and also a few extra lessons including a mock test and I can say I had a wonderful experience. He explains things in an easy and clear manner and we were able to joke and banter about things and have a laugh together, which instantly helped settle my nerves initially when starting my lessons. Through his help I was able to pass my test first time!! with only two grade 1’s and zero grade 2’s. I honestly could not recommend Art of driving school anymore. Thanks again Ronny!

emmet lynch


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Alannah Walker


Ronny is great! He is so patient and a great teacher! I passed my test first time only being with him for 4 months! He is 100% the reason I passed my test and couldn’t recommend anyone better than him!

Mark Harrington


Mark hasn't left any comment. Perhaps he couldn't find the right words =)
Thanks Mark for choosing Art of Driving!

Cillian Mcdonnell


Ronny is a wonderful teacher and great instructor, he took me in from a different instructor, I then did 12 EDT's with him, it is a very reasonable price and cheaper than the industry standard, From the first lesson Ronny put confidence in me and trusted me with my driving. He prepared me immensely for the test and this allowed me to pass it first time. I couldn't recommend him more

Cassie McGonagle Foy


I passed first time! Thank you so much Ronny! I had done my first 5 lessons elsewhere and thankfully because of covid had to look for a new instructor and found Art of Driving school! Ronny brought me up to standard very quickly as my progress with previous instructor was very poor. Ronny is a fantastic instructor. He is so passionate about his job and really cares about his students. He is great at explaining any errors and is so patient and fun! I really enjoyed learning to drive with Ronny and we always had a good laugh during our lessons. He is so caring and understanding and makes sure that you are more than ready for your test. I cannot recommend Art of Driving school enough and will be sending all my friends to Ronny for lessons.

Gerard Browne


First time pass thanks to Ronny, absolute gent from the beginning of meeting him. I done my first 4 EDT elsewhere and found the instructor not to be very engaging with teaching me how to drive, as soon as starting with Ronny you can tell it’s his passion to teach people how to drive. Can’t recommend him enough

Rahul Khanna


Ronnie is a very good teacher. He points the mistakes very clearly and then suggests the method to correct them. I was able to clear my test in first attempt after having few pre-test lessons from him.

Alex Weir


I went to Ronny after 2 failed driving attempts and a few different instructors after being recommended him by a friend. I had a few pre-test lessons with Ronny and I found him to be an exceptional tutor. I passed my test yesterday thanks to him and his brilliant skills as an instructor. He really pushes you to be where you need to be for the test and encourages you and your abilities. I would recommend Ronny to anyone and couldn't recommend his service more. Thanks Ronny!

ralph fenelon


Ronny is an outstanding driving instructor!! I failed my first test and swapped to Ronny for lessons, with all the tips and lessons he gave me I passed with flying colours! I couldn't recommend enough!!

Hannah Talbot


Ronny is an excellent driving instructor, he was so supportive and made my experience with learning how to drive very enjoyable. I passed first time thanks to Ronny!

Harley Rowen


Ronny is a FANTASTIC driving instructor. I completed my 12 required lessons with a different company and wasn't good enough to go for my test. After a few two hour sessions with Ronny mixed in with a few pre-tests, I went for my test and passed first time. Besides being a great driving instructor, he's also really nice and so easy to get along with. I can't recommend Ronny enough.

Aoife Murphy


Ronny is a great teacher, I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good teacher in South Dublin. I went to Ronny after completing my EDT with another instructor and failing my first driving test. Ronny was able to fix all of my bad habits and get me over the line to get my full license, I can't thank him enough!

Usman hassan


cant thanks enough, Professional and funny, great instructor and a great guy. I will recommend 100%

Enda O’ Donnell


I swapped to ronny for my last few lessons and passed first go!! Ronny is the best instructor around and I would highly recommend him to anybody.

Emily Murphy


I've had a few driving instructors over my time learning to drive but it was Ronny who got me where I needed to be I had a fantastic experience in order to pass my test! I started lessons with Ronny about 1 week ago and got my test today. I passed thanks to Ronny's patience and teaching skills, with Ronny I passed the test straight away and was given an excellent review of my performance from the tester his lessons were far superior to any other I’ve ever had. Ronny’s advice remained in my head throughout the test and I am delighted to say I now have my full licence. I cannot recommend Ronny enough for anyone learning to drive because I wouldn't have got to where I am now without him! Ronny is so easy to learn to drive with, he makes you so comfortable and able to concentrate on all he is telling you which gives you the confidence to pass. Thank you so much Ronny!!

naren malik


Awesome instructor, helped me pass the test. Having failed first time I was low in confidence(had different instructor for my first test), Ronny helped me build my confidence and helped with mistakes I was making which my previous instructor never mentioned. Anyone looking for driving lessons I would strongly recommend Ronny. Thanks Ronny!!!

Sandeep Singh


Ronny is amazing. I have an overall driving experience of 18years in India and consider myself fairly proficient and very safe, have a record of 0 accidents in India. After my reduced EDT I took an additional 6 lessons from 2 different driving schools, based around Pottery Road. Still, I failed my test the first time. The next time I was really paranoid and started looking around for a new instructor. I didnt want to take any chances with things at home/work esp with covid I couldnt afford to fail again. Meeting Ronny was really providence, I left him a message and he got back 1 week, trust me 7days before my retest. (If he doesnt call you you call him but give him a few weeks may not be as lucky as I was) We booked for Wed he pointed out some very fine points related to progress around corners and positioning. He corrected me on Wed gave me great tips and a set of theory material. We met again on Fri and we did a mock test. I was all over the place, I didnt read any theory stuff and was so bad in theory, and my driving was all over the place. He corrected me helped me understand and told me exactly what I did wrong post the mock. Then. I drove my car with a friend on Sun with all of Ronny's points at the back of my mind, I realised i was improving. Also, read thru all his material. Finally, we met at 11 on Mon ( day of test today) he gave me some last minute points helped me relax. With his theory study material I got 0 marks in theory (prev test I had 2 blue points here). With Ronny's driving tips I was able to impress the tester on the road followed exactly what Ronny told me and guess what I freakin passed. I passed with only 3 grade 1 and 1 grade 2 faults. Thats down from 4 grade 1 and 15 grade 2 faults. Trust me guys had I been with the old instructor I would have fu**in failed again. Thanks so much Ronny, im so glad you could accomodate me. Thanks buddy!!

Gisele Nascimento


Have to give this legend a 5 star for being such a good instructor! After so many years of experience driving on the right hand side and having so many bad habits as a driver. It was a challenging to loose those habits but ofc with Ronny's help I was able to nail down those bad habits and improve my driving skills on the left hand side. Thank you Ronny for being so patient and supportive.

Jason Serrano Duran


Can't recommend this driving school enough. Passed my test on the first attempt. Excellent customer service. Ronny is a star !!!

adam hughes


Couldnt ask for a better driving instructor, not only a teacher but a great person Ronnie is very funny and has a great sense of humour. Got on with him extremely well and as good as it is passing my test I will miss the laughter we had in the car together. Highly recommend anyone who wants to learn to drive professionally to get in touch with him. He will always make time for you no matter how busy he can be. I look forward to the future of driving thanks to Ronnie. Couldn’t thank him enough for his time Thanks so much Ronnie!!!

Andreia Prado


Ronny (Art of Driving) my massive Thank you! I did my EDT and a few lessons before my test and I passed on my first driving test attempt . I've been driving in my country for over 15 years and had to learn how to drive in a totally different traffic and under new rules and signs. Ronny was really patient with me and all the bad habits. Many thanks again!! Also had a lesson when I got my car and he was absolutely amazing and showed me all the possible ways to go to work and around my neighborhood. I wish you all the best!!

rebecca d


Thanks a million Ronny for all your help and support in helping me pass my driving test first time round. As a nervous driver you helped put me at ease and I honestly don't think I could have done it without you. You explained everything so well and I will never forget the GOSIA routine. I would highly recommend Ronny to anyone who is looking for a brilliant driving instructor.

Ryan Glynn


I would highly recommend Ronny to anybody looking for driving lessons. Very patient instructor who will stick to something until you get it. Very chatty and friendly and has excellent methods for the manoeuvres required in the test. He provides mock tests which really prepare you for the final test. I done all 12 EDT lessons with him and passed 1st time of taking, 10/10.

Rocksy Seletska


Ronny is a great instructor. He has his way of teaching - useful acronyms, practicing you weak spots repeatedly until you get it and he gives extensive explanations - until you REALLY get it. You will learn to not only drive for the test, but as well learn how to be a better, more attentive driver in general and make decisions faster. I though I won't pass. Not on the first try at least - so many things to do on a roundabout, so many actions to even move a vehicle... But what I needed was a good structure to skills I already had. It was as if I learned to drive from scratch with Ronny - he made me repeat right turn 25 times one day - now my right turn is amazing. I passed on the first try on a manual car. I wouldn't be able to do it without Ronny. If you want to drive - Ronny is your guy.

Tasha cruise


After passing the test on my first attempt, I only have Ronnie to thank. I had previously done my EDT with a different instructor and the quality of Ronnie's driving lessons is second to none. The difference in my driving after just a few lessons with Ronnie was amazing and he has enabled me to be fully confident that I can handle anything when it comes to driving. I highly recommend art of driving because i really do believe they are the best around!!



After previously (with different instructors) failing two tests I had zero confidence in being able to pass my third test. Despite being completely booked Ronny managed to fit me in for extremely comprehensive (yet enjoyable) lessons and mock tests. With the utmost patience Ronny explained and practiced every driving manoeuvre until I had the muscle memory to get them right. I am over the moon to finally have my full licence and am now a much more confident and competent driver. Ronny is the best driving teacher I have ever had and I can't thank or recommend him enough :)

Elanna Dunne


I've had a few driving instructors over my time learning to drive but it was Ronny who got me where I needed to be in order to pass my test! I started lessons with Ronny about 3 weeks ago being no where near ready for my test and today I passed thanks to Ronnys patience and teaching skills, I cannot recommend Ronny enough for anyone learning to drive because I wouldn't have got to where I am now without him! Thank you again Ronny!!

Isabel Barker


I had a fantastic experience with Ronny. I was scheduled to do my driving test and was put on the cancellation list so was only given a test date 2 weeks in advance of the test. I contacted Ronny and he booked me in for 3 lessons on very short notice even though he was incredibly busy. Ronny’s lessons were far superior to any other I’ve ever had. I have done the test a few times and have had a variety of different instructors and after 3 lessons with Ronny I passed the test straight away and was given an excellent review of my performance from the tester. Ronny’s advice remained in my head throughout the test and I am delighted to say I now have my full licence! The best driving teacher I have ever had without question. Thank you so much Ronny.

Tiffany Dempsey


I needed some pre Test lessons and found Ronnie. Today I passed my test on my 2nd attempt with flying colours. Ronnie was a brilliant instructor and very helpful and gave me great tips. Ronnie gave me great confidence and always believed that I can do this . I would highly recommend 👍

Evan Kelly


Ronny was by far the best driving instructor i’ve ever had. He helps you with everything, from being comfortable behind the wheel to understanding all the different possible driving situations you could encounter on your test and after you pass your test. I met him before my third test try, and i passed with only 1 grade 2, and 8 grade 1s. I have him to thank for my confidence in my driving now and in the future.

Eric Nunes


Ronny (Art of Driving School) is a brilliant qualified driving instructor, very technical, passionated and patient about his work. No doubts he contributed a lot for my recently success in passing on my driving test. I wish him all the best and thanks for everything!

Rafael Castro Neto


There is only one reason I passed my test on my first attempt and this reason is Ronny (Art of Driving School). The guy is a LEGEND. He was teaching me not just for pass but he was genuinely trying to make me a better driver. I did 6 lessons with him for my reduced EDT and I couldn't be more happy with my choice. Since the first contact by email he aways showed me a positive attitude and very professional. I just want to say thank you Ronny. Thanks for helping me pass first time round, I wouldn't have done it without your help. Cheers bro



Massive thank you to Ronny for helping me pass my driving test first time. He helped me with only a few lessons get rid of and any bad habits i had and prepared me very well for the test. 100% would recommend for anyone who is looking for a very good instructor and professional help!

Jacob Green


Really enjoyable experience with Ronny during each lesson! He has a brilliant way of teaching and preparing you for the driving test ! Would reccomend to anyone who wants to pass the test and and have fun doing it :)

Francis Butler


Ronny was great, stepped in at short notice to organise my son's test and turned out to be a great instructor

nathan jones


Best instructor iv ever had. He has a way of turning your weaknesses into strengths and it’s always a pleasure to learn from. Ronny is a true master of getting people test ready. Recommend 100%! Passed my test first time go after learning from him

Sany Thomas


I started driving with zero knowledge, Rony is an amazing instructor. I passed my test at the first attempt. I will highly recommend Rony.

Kerrie Singleton


The Art of Driving provided me with a refresher course in driving lessons. It had been many years since i had driven a car and Ronnie got me back on the roads and helped me to build my confidence up again. I would highly recommend his services. Friendly and easy going instructor

Ruth Flynn


I would highly recommend the Art of Driving School to everyone! I booked my pre-test lessons with Ronny just two weeks before my test, and he was very accomodating. After not driving for about three months and failing my first test with a different instructor, I passed my test with just 5 lessons with Ronny. Having a lot to work on, he helped me boost my confidence by fixing my driving mistakes and teaches everything you need to know. He also provides mock test, which is excellent as it allows me to familiarise myself to the real test day setting and gained insightful feedback. I believe his exceptional teaching skills and enthusiasm will help you succeed. Thanks a million, Ronny! I finally have my full Irish driving license.

Felipe Souza


If you are looking for the best driving instructor, you just found it, definitely Ronny is the best one in Dublin. I wasn’t sure if I was able to pass on my test, but Ronny gave me total confidence and he taught me everything not just to pass on the test but also how to be a better driver, with only 6 classes I passed on my first attempt. Ronny is very professional and competent. Thanks

Luke Newman


Had Ronny for my last few drivers lessons and he couldn’t have been better. His enthusiasm and way of teaching was brilliant and really helped me with that final step before taking my test. Would absolutely recommend.

Raidan Negrini Borges


Ronny is a great instructor, I passed from the first attempt. I highly recommend him!

Shruthi Reddy


I took pretest lessons from Rony. He covered the test route completely and made me do ever corner and bend and gave feedback on my mistakes. It helped me a lot in passing my test in the first attempt. Glad that I chose Rony for my pretest lessons.

Sean Gardner


Ronny is an amazng instructor. He is highly professtional, gives accurate technical advice for driving whilst providing a calm and relaxed atmosphere. He is a gentleman to top it off and I would highly reccommend him to anyone. He provides mock tests for a good rate and they are a great way to prepare for your test. My journey to get on the road was a long one but I got there in the end thanks largely to the mentoring from Ronny.

Cian O'Byrne


Ronny is truly a great driving instructor and Character, his method of teaching is great and easy to understand. After each lesson I felt I had learned loads and could see myself improving every time due to Ronnys expert knowledge of the course and the test routes (I know the Dun Laoghaire area backwards now!) Thanks for all the help and laughs Ronny : )

Gustavo Saab


Ronny was the best instructor I could ever had!!! his commitment and support was great at all the time. 100% recommended, he is so flexible and patient with such a charisma, that I will highly recommend him to anyone

Ross Murphy


I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Ronny was the perfect instructor for me. I passed first time due to the patience and capability of Ronny. It was very easy to relax and learn to drive with him when previously I was very anxious in the car.

Sean Dietz


Best driving instructor in the country! Total professionalism and class in addition to being a really really effective teacher! Ronny helped correct my driving after 12 lessons with another instructor which left me with a lot of bad habits! Ronny thank you so much!

Paul John Mc Mahon


What an amazing experience it was to do my Edt lessons with the art of driving school... The instructor Ronnie is a true gent he is relaxed in his manner and so professional ... He gave me the skills and confidence to be a safe and capable driver and to pass the drivers test first try👌🏻 I can not recommend this shool enough as I know this was the reason I passed with such ease.

Alison Cruz


Delighted with Ronny the driving instructor. He’s teaching my daughter to drive. She was extremely nervous about going out at first, but Ronny is an amazing teacher and gives her the confidence and reassurance to be a great driver. He’s very patient and good at explaining. Would highly recommend learning to drive with him.

Bianca Futa


I googled driving instructors near Churchtown and found the Art of Driving School. Ronny is possibly THE BEST driving instructor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (and I've met a few ogres let me tell you). He was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I learnt more from him in 2h today than all 12 pretest lessons and additional lessons taken. I passed my test and I am extremely grateful for all the attention and patience Ronny has given me. Bianca

Conor Sargent


Best driving school in Dublin. Ronny is an excellent instructor. He's been there for me from the beginning. He's very laid back, fair and really cares about his students. Has a very good sense on what you need to learn to drive. Can't recommend enough! Thanks Ronny!

Carolina Fernandes


I highly recomend Ronny, he is the best driving instructor that I met. He taught everything from zero. He do it with love and lots of petience.. A genuinely nice person and I can tell he wants you to succeed.

Shannon Keech


Ronny was recommended to me by my brother, can honestly say he is the only reason I passed my driving test first time. So easy to talk to and an amazing teacher. Also he was flexible to suit me and work so I didn’t need to take any time off. Would 100% recommend him.

Chloe Brown


Definitely the best driving instructor there is out there 100% recommend Ronnie I passed my test 1st time thanks to him he made driving lessons so fun and was there for me every step of the way on the day of the test. Thank You Ronnie

Stephanie Rocke


100% possibly the best driving instructor out there. Ronny is filled with enthusiasm, along with a great deal of care & patience towards his students progress. You really get the vibe you are in safe hands, and that he truly knows what he is doing. Definitely recommend him to anyone starting this off this new chapter

Shane Malone


Highly recommend Ronny. He takes his time with you, is clear and helpful. A genuinely nice person and you can tell he wants you to succeed. Had a few lessons with him and passed on the first try. His car is also very nice to drive. Thanks a mill!

Shona Brown


Passed my driving test first time thanks to Ronnie. Such a great driving instructor, who really cares about his students. Could not recommend Art of Driving School enough.

Ronald Joseph


I am thankful to Ronny for the informative and confidence building lessons I received. first time driving with no past experience, Ronny showed the patience to teach me the art of driving.my friend recommended this driving school and now I know how good a instructor he is.i recommend everyone to be his student and learn with a friendly, supportive instructor.

Daniel Folan


If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I've had my provisional license for over 10 years and have gone through my fair share of driving instructors during this time. Having moved to Dublin and never owning a car, most friends and even instructors had convinced me that passing would be next to impossible in this environment. I reached out to Ronny by chance when looking for a driving instructor in my area. I could not have been luckier as his approach and attention to detail had not only put me at ease but also corrected mistakes that others had never been able to spot. Ronny's philosophy and teaching method will have you test ready but also more aware and conscious to be a safe road user thereafter.

Carolina Graham


Ronny gave me the confidence I needed to pass my driving test, he is absolutely brilliant! I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor and would highly & definitely recommend him to anyone.

Mariano Pitre


I came accross Art of Driving while I was seeking for a driver instructor to help me pass my test. I had a quick chat with Ronny where we discussed my driving experience and the strategy to tackle the test. His approach to success was definitely the push I needed to select his school.... and it's proven to be a great call! After the first lesson, Ronny figured out how to clear all my bad habits and polish the good ones, setting me up for success. His knowledge on the insights of the test centres definitely made a difference during the test. I would definitely recommend Ronny to anyone that wants to not only pass the test but also become a good driver!

Ghenadie Frunza


I've a foreign licence and before coming to Ireland I'd been driving right handside for many years. Ronny had a challenging mission: to figure out all my bad habits and teach me driving the way testers want you to. Ronny did it brilliantly. BIG TY.

Shane Eustace


Best driving school around passed first time highly recommend Ronny couldn’t find a nicer guy and instructor.

Vanusa Batista


A huge thank you to Ronny ,he is an amazing instructor and very patient. He taught me in only a few lessons many things that I did not learn during many months with my last instructor.

Shauna Farrell


Cannot praise Ronny enough and would and will be recommending him to everyone. He’s the best in the business . I passed my test with no marks at all which the tester was extremely impressed with. I honestly felt confident walking into that test room because of the lessons with Ronny . He’s very patient and explains everything so easily. Couldn’t have done it without him.

Dariusz Szymański


I had a very good experience from Art of Driving, from the initial phone call to me passing my driving test! :) Ronny was very flexible with the dates and times of our classes, he gave me amazing instructions fixing my bad habits and explained everything with great patience. I was nervous during the test but confident after lessons I took. Thanks Ronny!

Leo Mansfield


I did lessons with Ronny after trying out a different instructor and he was so helpful and taught me so much I never knew before.